Since we created this website in 2001, “visa to Belarus” was obligatory page and most difficult and confusing part of travel to Belarus.

But from now on we can say – you are welcome to Belarus , and you are welcome without any special visas!

Nowadays, you can stay in Belarus for 30 days/29 nights without visa.

Just be sure to follow these simple instructions:

It’s official infografics from our government, and here is the same information in easy words:

If you are citizen of  any European Union country, or citizen  of USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

keep in mind the rules of the visa-free regime:

  • You can stay not more than 30 days (29 nights)
  • You can enter /exit Belarus only through the border checkpoint at Minsk International Airport (MSQ)
  • You must have approximately 23 Euro per day in cash to show, if required
  • You must have medical insurance with coverage for at least €10,000: it is better to buy it when you arrive in Minsk (the price is 1 euro/day)
  • The visa-free regime does not apply to people arriving in Belarus by plane from Russia and going to the airports of Russia (these are internal flights with no border control).
  • You cannot prolong your stay while you are in Minsk.
  • Total period of stay in Belarus  shouldn’t exceed 90 days per year

Foreign citizens planning to stay in Belarus over five business days should register with the internal affairs bodies at their place of stay in the country.

When staying at a hotel, hostel, sanatorium or other accommodation facilities, the management of the facilities is responsible for the tourist’s registration during check-in by default.