Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all the girls on the website real?

Yes, all the girls on our site are real (we check their documents) and interested to find a foreign partner for marriage or a long term relationship. We call them on a regular basis and ask if they wish to be removed from our database, so we only deal with the girls who are actively looking for a partner.

  • What shall I begin with?

Please, fill in the questionnaire, attach some good photos of you. Use the search page to find the ladies you are looking for. Choose the ladies you like.  You will not get positive replies from all of the ladies you write to, so don’t just pick one or two. The list of ladies can include up to 30 numbers.

Then, please, read about the services we provide. Decide if it’s possible for you to come to Minsk.  If yes,  choose the time and we’ll help you arrange a personal tour to Belarus and organize first introductory meeting with the ladies of your choice.

  • I didn’t manage to send the questionnaire (attach the photos).

Please, send your information and photos directly to our e-mail: agency@ladyfrombelarus.com

  • I don’t want to go to Minsk. I would like to communicate with the girls I have chosen via Internet

Normally, ladies are not very enthusiastic about corresponding with a man before they meet him in person. It can be explained by the fact that, as a rule, long-term correspondence does not lead to anything serious. If you wish to prove that your intentions are serious, come to Belarus first. Then you can meet several girls during a short time period and then go on communication with the one (or the ones) you like most of all.

  • I don’t want to go to Minsk. Let the lady come to me

Our agency does not organize trips to other countries for the ladies. We can only arrange meetings in Belarus. After you have met a girl personally, you can invite her to visit you in your country, but she will have to apply for a visa on her own.

  • They say that Belarusian women have big difficulties with getting visa to the European Union

It’s not true. In case you send her a private invitation, there won’t be any problems.

  • What are the prices for your services

the partnercheck (sending your information and photos to the ladies you choose in order to get to know who of them are interested to meet you) is free of charge

organizing of 1 meeting 50 euro

+ 10 euro if you need the help of interpreter

+ 25 euro if a lady comes from another city for her travel expenses

  • How can I learn about new ladies who join your agency?

give me a notice, and you’ll receive monthly New Profiles Newsletter

  • It is said that Russian/Belarusian women accept big age difference

There are some ladies who accept big age difference, but if you are serious about creating a strong family, the age difference shouldn’t be bigger than 10-15 years

  • I am going to Vitebsk/Grodno/Brest/Gomel soon. Do you have any ladies from this city?

In our agency there are girls from different parts of Belarus. If you like each other, we will help you arrange a meeting in the city of your choice. But in most cases the ladies come to our agency from their cities and we arrange the meeting in Minsk.

  • How can I understand whether a lady speaks a foreign language or not

We have the following classification of language levels of the ladies:

1 – elementary knowledge: separate words, simplest phrases

2 – basic knowledge: she can understand simple phrases, tell something about herself, read letters

3 – sufficient knowledge: can speak on everyday topics

4 – good knowledge: free conversation without problems

5 – perfect knowledge: fluent language

If on the profile of a lady there is no information about the level of language that means she doesn’t speak any.

We recommend speaking with the help of interpreter (at least at the first meeting) if the level of language is lower than 3.