Two rooms apartment (#9-S) Tsnyanskaya str., 11, Minsk


Beds king-size bed
Electrical appliances electric cooker, microwave, fridge, kettle
Bathroom bath
TV +
Internet +
Security Entry Code, Intercom System
Nearest metro station Metro “Ploshscha Yakuba Kolasa”
Price 60 euro per day

Cozy 2-rooms apartment, located in the heart of Minsk, five minutes walk to Yacuba Kolosa Square. Nearby is huge food market Komarovskiy, many shopping centres “CUM”, “Impuls”, “Siluet” and single shops. Belarusian State Philarmony. Restaurants: Oliva, Sun cafe, Bistro – Lido, Loft. Fitness Center N-fitness. And many others places.

5 min away from metro station “Ploshscha Yacuba Kolasa”.

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