Visa to Belarus

Citizens of almost all countries except CIS and Venezuela  are to obtain a Belarusian visa for entrance to Belarus. Visa to Belarus can be obtained at consular establishments of the Republic of Belarus in your country. Only if there is no embassy in your country (as in Spain, Sweden, Australia for example), you can apply for Belorussian visa at consular point upon arrival to the National Airport “Minsk-2″ (Minsk International).

The price for Belarusian visa in Belarus embassy in most EU countries is 60 Euro.

Please apply beforehand to get  Belarus Visa for reasonable price.

Consulate of Belarus issues various kinds of visas. Our agency provides a qualified visa support for obtaining Belarusian tourist visa. It’s best choice for short-term travel.

We offer you Invitation Letter  – an application of a Belarusian tourist company, issued on the letter-head with the full name of the tourist company, its location and telephone number, and the commitment of the tourist company that the foreigner shall comply with the rules of stay in the Republic of Belarus, sealed  by the tourist company. The original is sent to the embassy of your choice, you get copy via email.

To issue an Invitation Letter we need the following information:

  • your full name,
  • citizenship,
  • date of birth,
  • dates of staying in Belarus,
  • passport number,
  • date of issue /passport expiry date,
  • place at which you intend to obtain the visa (specific Belarusian Embassy or, in certain circumstances, Minsk International Airport)
  • home address,
  • place of work (with kind of business: trade, audit, marine, etc), your position there
  • scan copy of your passport (page with photo)

We will prepare and send all necessary documents within 1-2 working days. The price of Letter of invitation  is 35 Euro. (Note, it’s not a consular fee)

In order to obtain a Belarusian visa the following documents should be submitted to the Consular and Visa Section of the Embassy or Consular and Visa Section of Minsk International Airport:

  • A valid original passport or travel document with at least one blank page available for the visa. The passport must be valid not less than 90 days beyond the date of planned departure from Belarus.
  • Completely filled out visa application form. If a question does not apply, please, write “n/a”. Incomplete forms will be returned to applicants unprocessed. The visa application form should be filled out in legible handwriting or typing. The purpose of visit is “tourism”. It is the applicants’ responsibility to check that the information given on the form is correct and they must sign the form themselves. Failure to observe this requirement may result in refusal of the application.
  • One recent passport-sized (45mm x 35 mm) color photograph of the applicant, which should be glued or stapled to the marked space at the upper right-hand corner of the application form. Please, note that the photograph must not be stapled over the facial area. Photographs with staples that overlap the holder’s facial features will not be accepted. The photograph should be clear and of good quality.
  • The original  Invitation Letter from a registered Belarusian travel agency.


  1. We issue invitation letters ONLY for the citizens of EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, Australia, Canada and NORTH AMERICA citizens!
  2. There is no Consular Department for the travelers from Russian flights. If you are going to obtain Belarusian visa on arrival, please mind not to use CIS connection.

Any other inquiries will be answered by our staff via email.

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